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Long term car rental from car leasing Ireland offers you access to a great car with minimum up-front cost. The minimum rental period is just 3 months. Long term car rental means that you do not need to have the full cash amount or require a bank loan to get a car. You can decide the type of car and the period of time that you require it. Plan your budget going forward with only one payment to cover rental, servicing, road tax and NCT (where required). Also, you have no risk in relation to depreciation or resale costs. When the rental period is up, just hand the car back. Advantages of long term car rental include:

  • Choice of vehicle
  • No Bank loan or large cash outlay required
  • Fixed regular payment
  • No depreciation costs
  • No resale/disposal costs or hassle
  • Simple budgeting

Just call us on 087 148 5750 to speak to us about our needs.

Sample Customera

Sample Customer. Long Term Car rental

John is working full time in a retail business and lives in North County Dublin. He normally buys a newish car every 3 years or so and normally gets a Bank loan to cover the balance. Unfortunately, John's car was stolen and not recovered. The insurance claim he received cleared his loan. He found a car that he wanted to buy soon after but his bank would not give him a loan as they would normally do. Even though he could afford to make the payments he could not get the loan. He came across Car Leasing Ireland and discovered that with a small deposit he could get a suitable car for similar payments that he was paying to the bank but better still, he did not have to pay extra to service or tax the car. John collected his car and is very happy that he did end up driving a banger that would eventually let him down.

Sample Customer. Long Term Car rental

Mary works part time in childcare and lives in County Kildare. She needs a car to get to work and collect her own kids from school. Unfortunately the engine of her old car gave up and her mechanic told her that it would cost more than the car was worth to fix it. Mary had not got the money to either fix her car or buy a newer car. Through word of mouth she contacted Car Leasing Ireland. Having paid a small security deposit, Mary drove away in a newer car fully serviced with a new NCT at payments that she could afford.

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